IQAC Members

Chair Person

Sno Name Details
1 Prof. Gopinath Ravindran Vice Chancellor.

Administrative Officers

Sno Name Details
1 Mohammed E. V. P Registrar.
2 Dr. Joby K Jose Director, Research Directorate.
3 Dr. R. K Sunil Kumar Director, IT Cell.
4 Dr. Priya Varghese Director of Student Services.
5 Balachandran VK Deputy Registrar, Academic.
6 Dr. M. K Radhakrishnan Development Officer.

Teachers Representing All Levels

Sno Name Details
1 Prof (Dr.) K. Gangadharan Department of Applied Economics.
2 Dr. Kunhammad K. K Head, Department of Studies in English
3 Dr. Bindu Head, Department of Anthropology
4 Dr. Baiju K. V Head, Department of Chemistry.
5 Dr. Wilson V. A SPE & SS
6 Dr. U. Faisal Head, Department of Management Studies.
7 Dr. Muraleedharan. T. K Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences.
8 Dr. N. Sajan Consultant -Colleges

Nominees from Local Society, Students and Alumni

Sno Name Details
1 Sri. K. V. Sumesh President, District Panchayath. (Representative of Local Society).
2 Shishira Chairperson, Kannur University Students Union (Representative of Students).
3 Dr. V. Sivadasan Director ( independent ), KSEB, (Representative of Alumni)

Representative of Employers / lndustrialists

Sno Name Details
1 Sri. C. Jayachandran Mascot lndustries

Convenor, IQAC

Sno Name Details
1 Dr. A. Sabu Associate Professor, Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology.