IQAC Members

Chair Person

Sno Name Details
1 Prof. Gopinath Ravindran Vice Chancellor.

Administrative Officers

Sno Name Details
1 Prof. Joby K Jose Registrar.
2 Prof. Anil Ramachandran Director, Research and Development Cell
3 Dr. R. K Sunil Kumar Director, IT Cell.
4 Dr. Nafeesa Baby T.P Director of Student Services.
5 Priya T.K Deputy Librarian (i/c)
6 Dr. M. K Radhakrishnan Development Officer.

Teachers Representing All Levels

Sno Name Details
1 Dr. Soorej M. Basheer Associate Professor, Derpartment of Molecular Biology
2 Sri. Anish Kumar K.P Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies
3 Dr. Seetha Kakkoth Assistant Professor, Department of Rural & Tribal Sociology
4 Prof. Anup K Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology
5 Dr. Sony Augustine Assistant Professor, Department of Studies in English
6 Prof. Anil R School of Physical Education & Sports Sciences
7 Dr. Muraleedharan. T. K Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences.
8 Dr. Jayaprakash R.K Associate Professor, School of Pedagogical Sciences

Member from Management

Sno Name Details
1 Dr. Ashraf T.P Member, Syndicate

Nominees from Local Society, Students and Alumni

Sno Name Details
1 Smt. P.P Divya President, District Panchayath. (Representative of Local Society).
2 Adv. M.K Hassan Chairperson, Kannur University Students Union (Representative of Students).
3 Dr. V. Sivadasan Member of Parliament (Rajyasabha)(Representative of Alumni)

Representative of Employers / lndustrialists

Sno Name Details
1 Sri. C. Jayachandran Mascot lndustries

Director, IQAC

Sno Name Details
1 Prof. Sabu A Department of Biotechnology & Microbiology